Woo hoo it’s the weekend

It’s Friday and I’ve just had a peaceful morning in preparation for yet another busy weekend. Well, as peaceful as you can get with an 18 month old and a kitten who insists on sitting on your shoulder for most of the day. Hoping to pull up all the flooring as soon as we can which means lots of painting this weekend. I can’t wait to see the back of the awful 80’s tacky vinyl that takes up most of our house and replace it with lovely warm floor boards.

So this is where we’re at now. The house is in complete chaos and usually I would tidy up for photos (or at least push stuff to the side and out of camera view!). This time though I thought I would leave it, show things how they really are. At least it will make the before and after photos more dramatic!

The Living Room – Big bland room with an awful fireplace. On the plus side it’s bright and gets the lovely afternoon sun. We have already painted three walls with just the feature wall to go. Once done we can pull up the carpet and start our steep learning curve in restoring floorboards. How hard can it be? Famous last words or what?!

A lovely big entrance hallway. I’m thinking this can be a place for a couple of restored chairs that I love. I have a thing for chairs, but there seems to be only so much room for them. Bookshelf will eventually go into the living room and be filled with lovely lovely books and bits.

The laundry has undergone some major work since we moved in. Just waiting to add some black and white check flooring and a tidy up.

We’ve come a long way from the car paint blue tiles and 80’s faux marble worktop. Big upcoming project – painting kitchen cupboards and saving thousands on not replacing the entire kitchen.

The dining room needs to stop being the office/eating area/play area and just be for eating. I think a lovely big round light will transform this room. Everything is just so square.

With overseas guest arriving in 6 weeks for our ‘no wedding’ wedding the guest room needs some TLC

One of our biggest challenges is the bathroom. When we moved in it was dark and damp. We’ve installed a glass brick window and painted everything white but it’s left us with a rather boring bathroom. (You can see more of our favourite vinyl…must have been on sale). So the challenge is how do we make something out of this bathroom without simply tearing the whole thing out and starting again? Stay tuned.


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