Chocolate wall could be a very bad idea..

Yesterday we painted a feature wall in the living room to get rid of some of the blandness and to warm things up a little. The paint colour is called ‘Swanky’ but should probably be named ‘this room will make you fat because every time you sit here you’re going to crave chocolate’.

It’s always a challenge to get a nice crisp line between the lighter colours and darker colours. We always use the best quality tapes, but somehow always need to do some minor touch ups after. Does anyone have any tips to share?


2 thoughts on “Chocolate wall could be a very bad idea..

  1. Wow that looks great!!

    Without wanting to sound like a meanie though… I’m a bit relieved to hear I’m not the only one that can’t get those nice crisp painting lines… even with the good tape!

    I recently painted stripes in the studio dressing room then cheated by applying gold pin stripe tape (for use on cars) to cover the not-so-crisp- line. The cheapest place I found for the tape was Repco and you can buy either single stripes or multi stripes (different widths on the one roll). It looks nicely finished and well…pretty hot 🙂

    I hope that gobbledegook makes sense!?

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