Plums, stuff and things

The treasure list is growing longer as we discover more stuff (mostly under the house; wooden skis, old bottles and other useful stuff). Our apple tree is being attacked by coddling moths and their larva and the two plum trees, one of which is growing in concrete are fruiting. We’ve made our very first batch of jam, and eaten loads of juicy fresh plums. Feeling very inspired to grow more of our own foods and will be digging up some of the lawn to make a veggie bed.

The plum jam was so simple to make. This is the basic idea.

 Whatever weight you have in plums, use half the weight in sugar. We found it too sweet though and next batch will be using less sugar.

Wash and halve the plums removing any bad bits. The stones can be left in to be removed while cooking or removed at the start.

In a large heavy based pan add 1kg of plums, 1/2 kg of sugar, two tablespoons of lemon juice and a vanilla pod. (cut in half, seeds scraped out.) As we forgot to buy some vanilla pods we just used a splash of high quality vanilla extract, which seemed to do the trick

Leave for an hour stiring occasionally. The mixture will become all thick and yummy (at which point Ben was ready to eat it.)

Heat over medium heat, bring to boil, reduce heat and simmer until mixture looks like jam. (put a bit on a plate and wait to cool. If  it’s too runny keep cooking)

We heated our jars in the oven at 150C. After filling the jars with jam we put the lids back on while still hot so that the heat escaping would cause a vacuum thus keeping the jars sealed and sterile. If you’re worried about them spoiling they can be kept in the freezer.

For this recipe we used green gage plums but it would probably work for any type of plum.


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