Trigger happy

Thanks to a  trigger-happy-staple-gunner we’ve spent most of this week pulling staples out of the kitchen/dining room floor. We’re using a pry bar for lifting up the masonite/hardboard flooring and mole/vice grips to pull out the staples. It’s lucky we’re both patient people with a load of  determination. Check out our supervisor kitty in the background.

We’ve finally decided on the flooring for the laundry and bathroom. Wherever possible we bring samples home as nothing looks the same in place as it does in the shop. The lino we loved in the shop was completely different to the one we picked when we got home. We loved the wood effect one but as it will be next to the real floorboards (if we ever get them done..) then it wouldn’t look so good. Instead we’ve chosen the dark grey one.                                               

Laying lino must be one of those things that looks a million times easier than it actually is. We tried and after an hour or two of confusion decided to ring the installer rather than ruin $400 worth of flooring. There’s not much we haven’t been able to do reno-wise. Lesson learnt!

No matter how busy we are though there’s always time to stop for a lesson in hammering from Mieke.


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