Has it only been six months?

It seems like we’ve been working on this house forever and at times it feels like we’re getting nowhere fast. I think we forget though just how much we’ve done. (prepare for a long and probably not too exciting list..)

1. Replaced all of the broken windows panes

2. Built a new fence

3. Completely rebuilt the deck and painted 2 exterior walls and gutters 

4. Installed a glass brick window where this ‘mess’ was and removed badly placed old taps with a nice shiny new mixer tap.

4. Painted the laundry a nice fresh white colour. It took four coats as it hadn’t been painted for so long. (We have no idea why there were three different colours to paint over!)

5. Pulled up old lino (removed dead squished lizards..ewww) and laid new wood ready for new flooring

6. Built a new pantry

7. Repainted the kitchen walls, installed a new benchtop/extractor fan/sink. Rebuilt the top cupboards, look how crooked they were! Said goodbye to the faux marble benchtop and car paint tiles. Added new picture rail to remainder of kitchen

8. Filled all the holes in living room and painted.

9. Painted the hallway and sanded the floors. Floors haven’t been treated yet but you get the idea..

10. Scraped off the horrible wallpaper trim in the bathroom and brightened it up with white.

11. Painted the dining room, sanded the floors

We haven’t even touched the three bedrooms yet. Hopefully we’ve finished all the big things now and won’t take too much longer. We’re already looking for our next house to renovate!


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