Cheap and cheerful

A while ago we were given a digital box for the television and as much as we appreciate it and Mieke loves being able to watch something other than her two Wiggles dvds, television is just not for us. After a one hour show we’re both frustrated and screaming at the adverts. Maybe it would be better if we had more channels, maybe not. We just can sit still so we’ve started making stuff in the evenings (or reading/sleeping/blogging/playing with Mieke/doing photo stuff/cooking/yoga/meditating/doing nothing)

Whenever we tell someone we don’t watch television they give us a look of panic and ask ‘what do you do?’ I sometimes worry that people think we are judging them for watching tv. Definitely not. We would love to be able to relax in front of the tv but it just doesn’t work for us. I have found though that it’s far more relaxing not having people shout at me to buy things I will never need.  And for the ladies especially, confidence grows as you aren’t being constantly bombarded by thousands of impossible to acheive images of women.

So back to the stuff we’ve been making.

We made this piece out of some wrapping paper we liked and a cheap canvas. Pretty straight forward really. We used spray adhesive to stick paper to canvas. As we like to move stuff about in the house alot and get bored of things easily we like to keep our art cheap. This project cost approx $20.

This was a fun project found here. Not your usual alphabet but oh so pretty (and the retro images were free to download)Lastly this Ikea stool was super cheap (I can’t remember exactly how much but definitely less than €10 from Belgium). After priming it we used paint that we already had from painting the walls.


Do you have any views on the television issue? or good craft/diy ideas. I find most of my inspiration on Pinterest, which can be kind of addictive!


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