One month.

We’ve been in the new house for exactly one month today and we absolutely love it. We’re quite surprised at how much we’ve fallen for the house considering how ugly we thought it was when we first saw it. Mieke’s room is almost complete and I’m really proud of it. I think it could be my favourite room makeover ever (and there’s been alot of rooms!). Unfortunately there aren’t many ‘during’ photos as my flash card has corrupted but the ‘before’ photo shows the ugliness we were first greeted with. Difficult to paint ceilings, wood panelling, gorgeous carpet, paint over wallpaper, dark and damp with a funny smell… This photo just doesn’t show how awful the room was.

I love so much about this room: the green wall colour (that probably doesn’t show too well on a computer screen), the lovely bunting so cleverly made by Amber, the fact that after pulling up the carpet we discovered fantastic floorboars that don’t need sanding/oiling. Unlike the last house there was only a couple of hours of staple pulling and not a couple of weeks.  I love Mieke’s little desk that I picked up from the Salvation Army for $20. There’s still a couple of little things to do; a new light shade, some new handles for the waldrobe and a new blind.  One of the greatest things about starting a new house is that we can put into practice all of the things we learnt and avoid making the mistakes we made in the last house. One thing we’ve learnt is to focus on one room at a time, from start to finish. It helps to avoid feeling like we live in a permenant renovation site.Woo hoo onto the next room….


2 thoughts on “One month.

  1. Hi,Nicole,Ben & Mieke (I’m proud of that Flemish name!)
    Congratz with your good work, I especially LOVE the wallpaper or murals
    with the flowers and dragonflies, very artistic !!!
    see ya, love Marc xxx

    • Thanks Marc! I love her name too, although most Australians don’t know how to pronounce it! They’re wall stickers and were very cheap and easy to do. If you ever want any I can post you some!!
      xx nicole, ben and mieke x

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