The main bedroom…a blank canvas

Our main bedroom before.  More of the flowery carpet and peeling wallpaper, a ceiling that hasn’t been touched by a paint brush in decades and layer upon layer of hideous wall paper and a wardrobe that even we can’t make pretty.

After tearing down the wardrobe we discovered some wallpaper that couldn’t be painted on. Normally we would never paint on top of wallpaper, but in this instance the wallpaper seems to be holding the walls together. The walls are very old and not made of plasterboard and scraping off the wallpaper would require us to tear down all the walls and replaster. Not in this budget. The paint is good enough for what will become a rental property and should last at least 5-10 years, so good enough for us. 

So we nailed up some hardwood panels which came from  the back of the wardrobe we tore down (we love recycling stuff!). We were going to paint the wood but soon realised it was a waste of time as the new wardrobe would cover the wood anyway and hopefully noone would ever notice. ..shhhh

At least now we have a nice, clean blank canvas to work with. There’s still plenty to do: sanding floorboards, adding pictures above the bed, bedside tables, bedside lamps, a nice warm rug, curtains and blinds, some more furniture, bedding and pillows.


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