Hello again!

bike blogYes it’s been awhile. Just wanted to say hello.

I’m getting restless again. I always know when I’m getting restless because I start writing blog entries hoping that it will motivate me to do something exciting enough to warrant writing a decent blog entry. Usually I would move to the other side of the world but it’s not the answer this time. It’s not that it’s an impossible task to move somewhere new and exciting with a three year old and a cat, but as I lack the motivation some days to get to the local shop I think Europe might be a tad far. (Don’t worry mum I’m not taking Mieke any further away!)

You have no idea how many blogs i’ve started and deleted. Actually I have no idea how many but it’s been a lot. I love reading other blogs and being inspired but I realised today that when I reach the age of 100 (as I plan to do) and I look back over my life I will probably know more about other people than I will know about myself. I fear that I will never find that one life purpose that we’re ‘supposed’ to have. I love people who find that one thing that they are so good at and couldn’t live without. Pure passion for something so natural for them.

Now having said all that. I’m not going to feel like a failure or experience less of life if I don’t find that one thing. Until then my purpose is to have fun with my love ones while experiencing one big adventure.

Mieke’s sat next to me demanding I come and play a game with her and with the persistent voice of a three year old comes the lack of time to check spelling and grammar. Luckily I gave up on the idea of perfection long ago.

And knowing how limited these days are before she’s off to school and too cool to play with her mum…


(I love the textures, lines and tones in the above photo. It’s one of the many I took in Belgium of walls and bikes).


One thought on “Hello again!

  1. I thought I recognised my bike…!?…Well, it said Belgium allover, your photo !
    Great pic, I must say ! And restless again ? Whooo, Scary, get a grip,girl, your family needs you,at least for the Holiday period, that is ! Nice to hear from you lot, hope everybody is doing OK, give my LOVE to Ben & Mieke, & Merry X-mas & a Happy New Year from the nr 1 HOBBIT !!! xxx

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