Welcome to my new blog.

I’m struggling with this first post already. I can’t focus because my mind is doing three things;

filling me with fear, what will people think?

comparing me to others and trying to convince me that this is pointless

telling me I’m too old, not smart enough, not attractive enough..

My subconscious is doing everything it possibly can to stop me from travelling down this path. It is throwing tantrums, filling me with self doubt, rage and frustration. It is taking all of my strength to stop myself from curling up in a blanket and hiding from the world forever. To give up totally, once and for all. To completely numb myself with big sugary blocks of chocolate and mind numbing television shows.

Here’s my conundrum. My dream job is to travel the world empowering people to live their dream lives. When people are free to live their dream lives the whole world benefits. The problem is I’m terrified of speaking to people, I suffer from anxiety and some days It’s a struggle to leave the house.


So this is my journey, I am giving myself permission to break. I will overcome my fears and anxieties to be free to live the life of my dreams.


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