My little fire

I want to be a yoga teacher. When I get past all of this self doubt and anxiety, teaching yoga is going to be an essential part of my journey. The hardest changes to make are the internal ones. Letting go of decades of limiting beliefs, overcoming fear and living in alignment can seem impossible.


To many people yoga is simply a series of what seem like boring and unchallenging stretches. It is so much more. Every time you do those seemingly simple stretches you learn something new about yourself that can be of use on and off the mat.

Although I have practiced yoga on and off (mostly off) for years, I am only just discovering the depths and benefits of yoga. Everything from the physical benefits to the emotional benefits of the Eight Limbs Of Yoga.

One of the ‘limbs’ of yoga is the ‘Niyamas’ of which there are five;

  1. Saucha: Cleanliness
  2. Santosa: Contentment with oneself
  3. Tapas: Sustained practice
  4. Svadhyaya: Self study
  5. Isvara pranidhana: Surrender to a higher power

Whenever I am faced with a difficult situation or project I focus on Tapas. To me Tapas is that little fire in my belly. It’s my source of willpower and determination. it is what moves me forward when all else fails. The fire is small and it requires getting quiet and focused to connect with it. With the busy lives we currently lead, getting quiet and focused can be the last thing we do. We can go weeks of living in overdrive and overwhelm. Getting quiet can be uncomfortable, it forces us to acknowledge what is bothering us. The quiet asks us to get uncomfortableUntitled-37


Making time to sit down for a daily hour-long session of meditation may just seem ridiculous at this stage. Instead start with creating quiet moments to connect; while you’re in the shower, sat at the traffic lights, standing in a queue, doing the dishes, while cooking, brushing your teeth, putting out the rubbish, getting dressed. The day presents many small opportunities to take a few deep breaths and calm your mind. This is especially important for mothers of young children, grab any opportunity you can.




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