Overcoming Overwhelm

The key to overcoming overwhelm is to implement simple systems to prevent information overload. When our minds become too busy with all of the information we gather throughout the day we become overwhelmed. Add to that the ideas we have, the demands of others, work, daydreams, never-ending to-do lists it’s no wonder our energy levels drop.480742_10151574231469782_2124048357_n

The first step is to get everything out of your head. Keep a list of everything you need or want to do, no matter how big or small. Every possible thing that you can think of. Keep this list somewhere that is easy to access.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by a list that could have up to a couple of hundred items or more is to give up on the idea of ‘completing’ this to-do list. Life is an ongoing list and the more you complete, the more space and time you will free up for even more to-do items.

The next step is to create and implement a system that creates momentum and keeps you moving through your list. Some items have deadlines and are a priority. Some aren’t urgent but need motivation to complete. Some days I choose just one simple and small item and others I have the energy to complete ten items. The key is to find whatever works; use a reward system, delegate it or do just two minutes of a job. Usually you will just complete the task.

What overwhelms you? Please use the comments section below to share any tips or tricks you may have for overcoming overwhelm.






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