Love Your Green Eyed Monster

I think we might have our relationship with jealousy all wrong.

Yesterday I wrote a post about turning procrastination into a useful tool and the same can be said for jealousy.

We spend our lives searching for what will truly light us up, our so called life’s purpose. Then we see it in someone else; the awesome yoga body, the perfect outfit/home/car/holiday/job. It creates tension, discomfort. So we call it jealousy and shut it down fast. label ourselves as failures and pile on the guilt for having had such a feeling


Image copyright These Little Lights


Jealousy is like a compass to determine what is right or wrong for us.

Why do I feel jealous of advanced yogis but not of advanced kick boxers? Because my inner guidance system is showing me that yoga is for me and not kick boxing.

Don’t obsess with finding that one thing you are meant to be doing, obsess with being on the right path.

Next time you feel jealous, appreciate your body for the signals and take a small action step towards bringing whatever it is you are jealous of into your life.

Even the smallest of actions will take you from feeling miserable to joyful and aligned.

As Danielle LaPorte says  ” envy is often a call to action”.

Let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page something that you have been jealous of and one small action you could take.

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