Permission to fall


Image copyright These Little Lights

We don’t expect a baby to walk before it can stand, or sing before it can talk. We don’t expect a child to read a book before learning the alphabet.

So why do we expect ourselves to learn lessons that we are just not ready for?

We decide we want something, to form a new habit or achieve a certain goal. Then we struggle, push ourselves way too hard and burnout. We end up disappointed in ourselves or blame others.

I struggled to ‘give up caffeine’ for a long, long time. I kept trying, failing and feeling hopeless. I blamed myself for lacking willpower. Then I broke it down into the smallest steps; cut down on coffee, switch to black tea, cut down on tea, switch to rooibos. Small steps. I failed many times and I probably will fail again. Each time I do I will start again like a baby learning to walk. Brush it off, smile and be grateful for the opportunity to continue learning.

Is there something you have been struggling with, a goal that remains on your list year after year?

Take a step back and break it down into smaller steps, the smallest possible action steps you can. Make these the goal.

As Lao -Tzu says “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’

Keep your steps small and light  you will be there in no time. You may even enjoy the journey

What goal has been on your list forever that could be broken down into smaller action steps? Let us know in the comments below.

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