7 Tips For Creating A Profitable Newsletter

Most newsletters are deleted before they are even opened.

A great newsletter is crucial to the growth of any business. Below are 7 tips for creating a newsletter that people will actually read. If you don’t have your own business yet, creating a newsletter will help you to connect with people and build a database.


1. Give the reader value for their time – Readers have what seems like an infinite number of possible newsletters they could be reading. Thank them for choosing to read yours by adding value to their lives through useful information, tips, inspiration etc.

2. Be clear and precise – Nobody has the time or attention span these days to read beyond a couple of paragraphs. Get to the point.

3. Be consistent.- Getting people to just open your newsletter is half the challenge. If people know that every newsletter you send will take them a certain amount of time to read and have an idea of what to expect then you’re halfway there. Create a template.

4.  Don’t push sales – Nobody likes it. Include a link to your product/offer etc. That way people can choose whether or not they want to view what you are selling.

5. Use graphics and images – Like they say “a picture is worth a thousand words..” Images break up large blocks of text that people can become distracted from.

6. Content is key. Offer your readers something new, not just regurgitated information from your website.

7. Use section headings – Headings allow your readers to scroll through to find the sections most useful to them.

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