Speak Your Truth Tuesday

image by These Little Lights

image by These Little Lights

Do you struggle with expressing your opinion?

Shy away from conflict or have a fear of public speaking? I have heard that many people fear public speaking  more than they fear death.

The following quote from Buddha states perfectly why it is essential for us to speak our truths.

“When words are both true and kind, they can change our world”
― Buddha


Speaking out and expressing my opinion is something I have always struggled with. Keeping quiet when I know I have a great idea is depressing, I feel trapped within my own insecurities. Sometimes I can become so caught up in the fear of speaking out that I forget  what my own opinion or idea was in the first place.

Every person that I admire regardless of what industry they work in has one thing in common. They speak authentically and passionately. They appear comfortable speaking and writing their truth. Even the introverts have no problem addressing a crowd of hundreds.

Every Tuesday I will publish  Speak Your Truth Tuesday. This is an opportunity to express something that is authentic but takes you out of your comfort zone. Please join us in the comments section. What have you been too afraid to say? Which ideas or opinions have you held back because you cared more about the opinions of others than your own authenticity?

I’ll go first.

I have always struggled with using the word God or when talking about religion in general. I worry about offending religious  people if I don’t believe in God and scaring away non religious people if I were speaking of such things. It probably stems from my junior school days when I was constantly sent to the principle’s office as punishment for raising questions about the Bible during religious instruction. We were told to accept every word of the Bible and as a ten year old I know my questions were due to curiosity and not in any way disrespectful.

When it comes to religion I actually consider myself a Quaker. The values are perfectly aligned with my own. Simplicity. Peace. Integrity. Community. Equality.


What could you say that is authentic to you that takes you out of your comfort zone.?

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