Effective Problem Solving For Achieving Anything You Want

Untitled-68Problem solving is the number one skill required for achieving anything you want in life.

The faster and better you solve problems the more you will achieve.

Awhile ago I listened to a great TED Talk by Brene Brown, called The Power of Vulnerability

I love the work of Brene Brown she talks about the fact that if you are going to put yourself out there than you are going to get burnt.

This morning I felt rather ‘burnt’ as I discovered my original photos were being used around the internet with the links  showing that they were my work removed.

As annoyed as I felt, I also felt a little proud that if I was feeling ‘burnt’ then it meant that I really was starting to ‘put myself out there’

Instead of getting caught up in the problem I decided to focus on the solution in order to learn, grow and move forward.

Every problem sent to you is simply a lesson to teach you a new skill and to help you move forward.

Step 1 How can I focus on the solution instead of the problem?

Getting caught up in the ‘why’ is this happening, blame, anger or any negative emotion does nothing to move you forward, and honestly it doesn’t feel good!

I am not saying to ever deny your true feeling or emotions. Always acknowledge how you honestly feel. Never try to force yourself to feel anything that you aren’t ready for. The key is to not get stuck within an emotion or state of being for any longer than is necessary.

Instead focusing on the solution will make you feel in control, empowered and happier in general. In my case the solution is simply to make sure I watermark my images better.

Step 2 Where can I show a little more understanding?

As a photographer I completely understand the concept of copyright and how much work, money and effort goes into creating a photograph or a piece of art. Just because I understand this doesn’t mean that others do. By letting go of the judgment of others actions I was able to move through the problem easier.

I also have to understand that other people don’t quite understand copyright like I do.

I also realize that I am also part of the problem. I have probably shared images that don’t contain the original link.

How can you show a little more understanding towards others or even yourself regarding a particular problem? Are you expecting too much of yourself, caught up in comparison or stuck in judgment?

Step 3 What is the good side of this problem?

There’s usually a good side to every problem if you look hard enough. This is easier if you see problems as useful tools and lessons rather than something to simply make yourself feel bad with.

Once I thought about it I realized that;

1. If people are sharing my images it means that they like them!

2. If people are sharing my images then maybe somebody has actually been helped by them, and really isn’t that my goal?

3. It has taught me a lesson in watermarking my images.

4. I may raise awareness regarding copyright.

5. I was inspired to write this post that may help somebody else with learning to problem solve.

Step 4 What have I learned?

It’s important to acknowledge the lessons you learn. When I studied photography we kept a journal of all the mistakes we made. It wasn’t something to look at and feel bad about. It was a reference tool for future use. Whenever the same problem came up we could easily find the answer and fix it. It also felt good to acknowledge  how far we had come on our journey.

Keep a book with all the problems that arise for you and complete the following questions;

How can I focus on the solution instead of the problem?

Where can I show a little more understanding?

What is the good side of this problem?

What have I learned?

Problem solving is a skill that will raise your confidence levels and allow you to trust in yourself.  As always start with a small and easy step. Please share your comments below. What problems have you had that have taught you something?


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