How To Bring Back The Magic

We’ve traded magic for convenience.

Have you ever developed photos in a darkroom? It’s pure magic. Well it’s pure chemistry, but no matter how much you understand the chemistry behind it, every time you see a picture developing before your eyes it feels magical.

Last night my 5 year old daughter asked me if she could have some ‘realistic’ pet toy being advertised on the television. I suddenly felt sad and wondered whether she was going to experience magic moments. The magic of anticipation, excitement and joy that comes from real things. You know, like receiving a beautiful hand written letter in the post. As much as I love receiving emails from loved ones, nothing compares to the old days of pen pals and the excitement of opening the letterbox to see a real letter.

The anticipation of waiting for photos to be printed at the lab, or returned in the post. We have traded anticipation, which is part of the magic for convenience.

The smell and feel of real books for the instant digital download. Fast food for real food (even when it’s ‘healthy’)

The ability to listen to an entire cd as it was intended

The connection of real friendship, versus virtual association

Playing in the garden for playing games on digital devices

Taking care of things for disposable everything

Searching through the video store for the quick download. (For me this was before the days of Facebook and I always ran into people I knew on a Friday night at the local video store. It was a great time to catch up and have a laugh. It was such a social event and connection time.)

If you feel like you are missing something in life, slow down and remember the magic that you used to feel. Find ways to connect in real time rather than this virtual world we have created. Write a letter, listen to a record, get outside, find someone with a darkroom, get a real pet or plant, grow some vegetables, cook something from scratch wait for something, let the excitement of anticipation back into your life.

Are you ready to join a community of like-minded individuals moving from resistance to inspired action?

Yes! I’m ready!


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