How To Get Stuff Done

A quick tip on getting stuff done.

On some occasions in my past when I haven’t been able to do much due to being unwell physically or mentally I have felt very disappointed in myself. I have looked at my to do list and felt like a complete failure.

On the really bad days instead of keeping a ‘to do’ list I kept a ‘have done’ list. I added everything, from brushing my teeth, to cooking dinner, putting the rubbish out etc. It helped me so much to build up my confidence by showing that we do so much more than we think we are doing. Just because I didn’t achieve the six items on my to do list didn’t mean that I was failing.

I also found it helped with procrastination because a large part of procrastination is just feeling disappointed in ourselves for not doing what we expect ourselves to be doing.

Sometimes we just need to shift our focus in order to resolve a situation.

I hope this helps. Let us know what things you struggle to get done in the comments below.


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