A Warning For The Simplifying Movement.


There’s a huge simplifying and decluttering movement at the moment. People are even competing to see who can own the least amount of possessions.

While I advocate making your life simpler so that you can be, do and have more there are a couple of things that need clarifying.

There is a difference between simplifying your life and depleting your life. While I have too been on a simplifying mission for the past few years, my goal was never to remove everything from my life. My goal was to own only the things that enriched my life. It may actually mean that I will eventually own more than when I started.


Our lives are enriched or depleted by our surroundings. Tangible objects fill us with emotions and memories that are important to our wellbeing.

Simplifying is a process that allows you to discover your own tastes. It isn’t a process for denying these desires.

Never get rid of anything that you aren’t ready to get rid of no matter how much you have been told that it will improve your life. Emotional attachments are real, powerful and should be respected.

The photo of my office defines simplicity to me.

Space to create and function at my optimum level while being surrounded by the things that enrich, inspire and motivate me.

Create your own definition of simplicity and don’t forget to share in the comments below.

Have you tried simplifying or decluttering? What have you struggled with or found to be useful?



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