Should we seek validation?

Short answer. Yes.

If I was more enlightened I would know deep within myself that everything was ok, that I was doing a good .job in life. No, an excellent job.

But I’m not there yet. Still on my path. Back to beginner yoga this week  after hurting my back from doing too much. Still struggling through meditation as my mind wanders. Pushing through self doubt and insecurity.

No matter how much we achieve in life it’s easy to fall back into old patterns of self doubt. In fact the bigger the goals we take on the greater the insecurity can be.

It’s what we do next that counts. Push on or give in to it.

Seek guidance.

Seek the validation you need.

It’s ok to ask. Am I doing ok? Am I doing the right thing? How am I going?

When you are caught up in the process it can seem impossible to judge your results. Forrest for the trees.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.

Find your tribe. The people who will remind you regularly that you are doing better than you think you are.

Because I promise,  you are.

Are you comfortable asking for validation? Let us know in the comments below




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