How To Love Your Body


One of my goals in life is to raise a daughter that loves her body.

I thought I would share one of the games we play that I believe is going to help me achieve my goal.  It is for everyone though, and I urge you to play it alone too.

It’s called the ”What If…’ game and below is an example.

Mieke: What if we had no  feet?                                                                                         Me: Then it would be really hard to walk, run and play hopscotch.                                 Both of us: Thank you feet, we love you.

Mieke: What if we had no hair?                                                                                          Me: Then our heads would get cold and we wouldn’t be able to play hairdressers together.                                                                                                                             Both of us: Thank you hair, we love you.

Mieke: What if we had no tongue?                                                                                    Me: Then we wouldn’t be able to ask for food or say I love you.                                              Both of us: Thank you tongue, we love you.

Mieke: What if we had no bums? (she’s five and reminds me to lighten up a little about one of the body parts most hated by women)                                                                         Me: Then sitting down would be really uncomfortable and our spines wouldn’t be protected.                                                                                                                           Both of us: Thank you bum, we love you.

Sometimes we can talk for ten minutes or more about the amazing things a particular body part allows us to do. Or the beautiful things our eyes allow us to see.

It’s easy to focus on  parts of our body that we don’t like. This game brings our attention to  the absolutely incredible things our body parts do for us each day.

When we come from this place of love and appreciation we move out of ‘fight or flight’ mode. And it is in this place we can make the healthy and loving changes that we want to make.

Our bodies our incredible and they deserve to be loved.


If you are ready to make changes and my concepts and loving approach resonates with you then The Procrastination Solution is an ideal first step for you.




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