7 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Sunday

To achieve any goal and move forward in life it is important to monitor and measure your progress. The following seven questions, asked on a regular basis will help to measure and monitor your progress.

57438697811.  What did I learn last week?

If we aren’t learning we aren’t growing and moving forward. List everything you learned. This can be anything from something you learned about yourself to a new skill you picked up. Small things, and big lessons are all essential tools for creating the life of your dreams. Is there anything you feel you failed at last week? Failing is simply a tool to teach us something new.

 2. What were my achievements last week?

Again, big or small list them all. If your biggest achievement of the week was to get out of bed and brush your teeth then list that and feel proud.  It is not the size of the achievement that counts but the fact  you achieved something. If we don’t take  time to acknowledge the things we do achieve  we will never gain a feeling of fulfillment. We will always be focused on judging ourselves for  things we think we should have achieved.

3. What am I most looking forward to this coming week?

I believe the key to a long and happy life is to always have something to look forward to. We often think this needs to be something big like a holiday or buying a new item. The smaller the things you are excited about the easier it is to schedule them throughout your week. Start a list of things that make you really happy for when you need some inspiration. Perhaps reading for 30 uninterrupted, guilt-free minutes with a lovely cup of tea is something you could schedule and look forward to. A trip to the cinema or a cafe. A walk around a farmers market. Dancing around to some great music.  A visit to a museum or art gallery.  Taking an afternoon nap, or a long soak in the bath while the kids are at school. Take a picnic to the beach or the park with the family.

4. What are 7 little to-do items for this week?

If your ‘To-Do’ list is like mine, it contains a couple of hundred items. Awhile ago I gave up fighting  my ‘To-Do’ list and accepted it wasn’t something to complete. I was racing to get my ‘To-Do’ list finished. Finishing a list creates space and time for more projects and even more tasks to complete.

There are many things I need to get done each day, but there are items that get stuck on my list if I don’t make an effort to get them done.

I choose seven items from my big ‘To-Do’ list to complete each week. One to be  completed each day. These are small items,  ones that are important but usually neglected for more urgent items.  They don’t take longer than an hour and can take just a few minutes. These are usually things like; send thank you cards, make dentist appointments, sort out my desk, buy a new folder, return an item to someone,, fertilize plants, take clothes to charity shop, compare insurance quotes, open a new savings account.

It keeps my list moving forward and frees negative energy from seeing the same things on my list week after week.

5. What would make my coming week easier?

Is there something you can add to your routine to make your week run a little smoother? Is there something you can let go of  to move forward into a new week? Is there somebody you can ask for help or advice? Is there something you feel has been wasting your time and you can cut down a little this week?

6. Did I avoid anything last week?

It is often the things we avoid that we most need to do. These things can  provide the most benefit to our week.  We  avoid these things because they take  us outside our comfort zone. It is outside our comfort zone that we make change. We can make great progress inside our comfort zone, but it is usually change and growth that occurs outside of it. If you find yourself stuck in procrastination mode, read here about how I learned to love procrastination.

7. What made you laugh and smile last week?

It’s important to note these things, so you can do more of them! Laughter is the best medicine and smiling means you are on the right path. Laughter and smiling come from the simplest things too. Rolling around on the floor and playing with your children, watching a funny show, getting into nature.  I believe one of the keys to a great life is having a light and playful attitude whenever possible.

Use these questions on a regular basis, or create a list of your own. I like to complete them on a Sunday night to help me focus on the week ahead. Let me know which question helps you in the comments section below

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