Getting Out Of Your Own Way

il_570xN_790780138_gyjg                View from Mount Wellington, Hobart Fun Love Adventures

What keeps us from what we truly desire?


Our limiting beliefs and the stories we tell ourselves.

The stories that keep us small and safe.

It’s a hard habit to break (or is that simply another story?) It’s a journey and a process, usually not something we achieve overnight.

The first step is to learn to dream without limitations.

Dream of everything you could ever want to be, do or have.

Without limitations, ignoring excuses and defying logic. Ugh, that ever-intruding-nagging part of the brain that insists everything is too hard, expensive or scary.

Take out pen and paper, or some pencils and start writing.

Whatever comes up, write it down.

No censorship. You’re just writing, it doesn’t mean you have to quit your job tomorrow and run away to travel the world.

Have fun with it. What would you do if you could do anything at all?

Let us know in the comments below what you come up with?



What I Am Wednesday

A little midweek mojo. A place  to share all we are doing, seeing and loving. A little mid week. inspiration. Don’t’ forget to share in the comments what you are discovering this week.

Bicycles in Bruges, West Flanders ,Belgium

Image copyright Nicole Atkinson

What I am reading: I have set myself a goal to finish  the unfinished books scattered around my house.  Starting with The Signature of all Things. While I absolutely love Elizabeth Gilbert as a person and enjoyed the book, it isn’t one that I picture myself reading again.

What I am loving: This video made me laugh and smile.

This world is full of such talent and beauty, I want to experience it all.

Just in case you missed this, I still get teary thinking about it and have vowed to never buy a Barbie again.  A reminder that you can make a difference.

I love anything that challenges my assumptions like this video did.

What I am watching: I heard there were mixed reviews about The Second Best Marigold Hotel, but I absolutely loved every minute of it. In fact I saw it twice at the cinema and didn’t feel disappointed. Just lovely, colourful fun and a reminder to me that I love a good community.

I also watched this lovely movie with my five year old daughter as it was on a list of empowering movies for young girls.  Kit Kittredge

We’ve also been watching old episodes of She-ra. A flashback to my childhood. I always wanted to be a princess of power, with a trusty steed.

What I am learning: Apart from the usual study I do into expanding my own little property empire, I am taking part in the WILD mama journey with Avalon Darnesh. It’s an online course for getting clearer about your vision and purpose and stepping into alignment with it.

I attended a Nepalese wedding party and discovered these little beauties. While I need to be gluten free for health reasons, there will be occasions that I  break this rule; I will be eat pizza and pasta in Italy and I will experience the heavenly taste of lovingly and traditionally made Gulab Jamun  by my Nepalese neighbours.

The world is one creative and beautiful place, it is our job to discover it.

Please share in the comments below your discoveries for this week.

xx Nicole

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Every Sunday

To achieve any goal and move forward in life it is important to monitor and measure your progress. The following seven questions, asked on a regular basis will help to measure and monitor your progress.

57438697811.  What did I learn last week?

If we aren’t learning we aren’t growing and moving forward. List everything you learned. This can be anything from something you learned about yourself to a new skill you picked up. Small things, and big lessons are all essential tools for creating the life of your dreams. Is there anything you feel you failed at last week? Failing is simply a tool to teach us something new.

 2. What were my achievements last week?

Again, big or small list them all. If your biggest achievement of the week was to get out of bed and brush your teeth then list that and feel proud.  It is not the size of the achievement that counts but the fact  you achieved something. If we don’t take  time to acknowledge the things we do achieve  we will never gain a feeling of fulfillment. We will always be focused on judging ourselves for  things we think we should have achieved.

3. What am I most looking forward to this coming week?

I believe the key to a long and happy life is to always have something to look forward to. We often think this needs to be something big like a holiday or buying a new item. The smaller the things you are excited about the easier it is to schedule them throughout your week. Start a list of things that make you really happy for when you need some inspiration. Perhaps reading for 30 uninterrupted, guilt-free minutes with a lovely cup of tea is something you could schedule and look forward to. A trip to the cinema or a cafe. A walk around a farmers market. Dancing around to some great music.  A visit to a museum or art gallery.  Taking an afternoon nap, or a long soak in the bath while the kids are at school. Take a picnic to the beach or the park with the family.

4. What are 7 little to-do items for this week?

If your ‘To-Do’ list is like mine, it contains a couple of hundred items. Awhile ago I gave up fighting  my ‘To-Do’ list and accepted it wasn’t something to complete. I was racing to get my ‘To-Do’ list finished. Finishing a list creates space and time for more projects and even more tasks to complete.

There are many things I need to get done each day, but there are items that get stuck on my list if I don’t make an effort to get them done.

I choose seven items from my big ‘To-Do’ list to complete each week. One to be  completed each day. These are small items,  ones that are important but usually neglected for more urgent items.  They don’t take longer than an hour and can take just a few minutes. These are usually things like; send thank you cards, make dentist appointments, sort out my desk, buy a new folder, return an item to someone,, fertilize plants, take clothes to charity shop, compare insurance quotes, open a new savings account.

It keeps my list moving forward and frees negative energy from seeing the same things on my list week after week.

5. What would make my coming week easier?

Is there something you can add to your routine to make your week run a little smoother? Is there something you can let go of  to move forward into a new week? Is there somebody you can ask for help or advice? Is there something you feel has been wasting your time and you can cut down a little this week?

6. Did I avoid anything last week?

It is often the things we avoid that we most need to do. These things can  provide the most benefit to our week.  We  avoid these things because they take  us outside our comfort zone. It is outside our comfort zone that we make change. We can make great progress inside our comfort zone, but it is usually change and growth that occurs outside of it. If you find yourself stuck in procrastination mode, read here about how I learned to love procrastination.

7. What made you laugh and smile last week?

It’s important to note these things, so you can do more of them! Laughter is the best medicine and smiling means you are on the right path. Laughter and smiling come from the simplest things too. Rolling around on the floor and playing with your children, watching a funny show, getting into nature.  I believe one of the keys to a great life is having a light and playful attitude whenever possible.

Use these questions on a regular basis, or create a list of your own. I like to complete them on a Sunday night to help me focus on the week ahead. Let me know which question helps you in the comments section below

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Financial Freedom Friday – The Path

Achieving financial freedom is one of the most popular goals on my coaching clients bucket lists. and it’s a topic I am passionate about. In this series we will work together to ensure you are on a path to financial freedom in your own life.

But what is financial freedom exactly, and how do we achieve it?

10632708_942240372457805_3160735808066603671_nTraditionally, financial freedom is defined as: passive income exceeding your living expenses. In other words; earning an income that allows you to live your dream life without having to work.

While this can seem like an impossible goal for many, it is possible for everyone.

Financial freedom,  is usually thought of as being for people with millions in the bank or those willing to take large risks on the stock market.

Neither of these are true. You probably need far less than you think to achieve financial freedom and there are many ways to get it.

Financial freedom can seem like an impossible goal for many, but the goal can be broken down into many smaller, and achievable mini~goals.
Each one of these mini-goals is a success in itself. And as the journey is usually more important than the destination, it is important to celebrate each achievement along the way.
Financial freedom mini goals:

Know how much you spend and how much you earn: This may seem simple but many people are surprised to see where  their money goes when they have a closer look.

Free yourself from debt that isn’t earning you money:  This includes credit card debt, store debt and those interest free purchases.

Simplify your spending: Have a clear understanding of what you want to spend your money on and what you don’t. Align spending with your values.

Know how much to spend on yourself each week to keep functioning at your best:  Being too restrictive with money is just as damaging as spending too much. You need to function at your best to reach financial freedom and there is a dollar amount that will help you get there.

Understand value over price: Investing in good service and value regardless of the price always saves money in the long-term.

Be comfortable investing in yourself first:: The more you invest in yourself, the more you will be able to contribute. This is not something to feel guilty about.

Overcome money blocks: Uncover and overcome limiting beliefs and barriers keeping you from financial freedom. Eliminate guilt and self-sabotaging patterns. Establish trust and build self-confidence and worthiness.

Develop an empowering investment strategy: Creating a plan of how to get from where you are to where you want to be.  One that aligns with your values and doesn’t keep you awake at night.

Become excited about receiving bills instead of dreading them: This was one of my biggest realisations of how far I had come on my own journey to financial freedom – appreciating and loving bills.

Clearly define the dollar figure to live your dream life: It is usually less than we think.

Become your own boss: Define what work you want to do and when you want to do it.

Be comfortable taking the steps that will get you there: On the path to financial freedom there will be many road blocks. Learning how to move forward with confidence is the biggest key to financial freedom.

Where are you at on your path to financial freedom? Please share in the comments below or let us know what is stopping you.

If you are ready to move forward on your path to financial freedom or start achieving your goals I will be making space for 3 new coaching clients next week. Use the contact form  below to leave your details and I will send you the information.

Nicole x

How To Love Your Body


One of my goals in life is to raise a daughter that loves her body.

I thought I would share one of the games we play that I believe is going to help me achieve my goal.  It is for everyone though, and I urge you to play it alone too.

It’s called the ”What If…’ game and below is an example.

Mieke: What if we had no  feet?                                                                                         Me: Then it would be really hard to walk, run and play hopscotch.                                 Both of us: Thank you feet, we love you.

Mieke: What if we had no hair?                                                                                          Me: Then our heads would get cold and we wouldn’t be able to play hairdressers together.                                                                                                                             Both of us: Thank you hair, we love you.

Mieke: What if we had no tongue?                                                                                    Me: Then we wouldn’t be able to ask for food or say I love you.                                              Both of us: Thank you tongue, we love you.

Mieke: What if we had no bums? (she’s five and reminds me to lighten up a little about one of the body parts most hated by women)                                                                         Me: Then sitting down would be really uncomfortable and our spines wouldn’t be protected.                                                                                                                           Both of us: Thank you bum, we love you.

Sometimes we can talk for ten minutes or more about the amazing things a particular body part allows us to do. Or the beautiful things our eyes allow us to see.

It’s easy to focus on  parts of our body that we don’t like. This game brings our attention to  the absolutely incredible things our body parts do for us each day.

When we come from this place of love and appreciation we move out of ‘fight or flight’ mode. And it is in this place we can make the healthy and loving changes that we want to make.

Our bodies our incredible and they deserve to be loved.


If you are ready to make changes and my concepts and loving approach resonates with you then The Procrastination Solution is an ideal first step for you.



7 Tips For Healthier Eating Without Having To Give Anything Up


Image by Nicole Atkinson


1. Eat from pretty plates:

Gone are the days of keeping our best plates for special occasions. Pretty plates make  food look great and encourage us to take a few extra seconds preparing what we eat. Instead of just grabbing a handful of food between tasks we become mindful of what goes onto our plates.

Awareness of our eating habits through mindful eating is very important for creating healthier eating habits. Spending a few extra minutes preparing food causes us to slow down. Slowing down while  eating aids digestion and, as ‘the first bite is with the eye’ it’s a lovely act of self care that doesn’t cost much at all. Charity shops are full of cheap and pretty plates.

2. Avoid the ‘lite’ option and add fat to your meals:

While the supermarket is full of items labeled ‘lite’ or ‘no fat’, I actually make an effort to add fat to my daily diet. When my diet is lacking in fat I start feeling depleted and start reaching for the quick-fix sugary items.

I’m talking about fats like the ones found in avacadoes, oils like olive or coconut, macadamia nuts, wild salmon etc. I find these types of foods keep me feeling nourished and satisfied. I stir coconut oil into my black tea and add avacado to everything.

3. Create a space for nourished eating:

Completely clear your dining room table, or create a clear space that you can eat at. For digestion to be at its best it’s important to relax while eating.  If your eating space is covered in stuff or reminders of the things that you should be doing you can’t relax.

Start each meal with a little ritual that will allow you to switch from  busy to relaxed mode. Light a candle, take ten deep breaths, say thank you, think of one good thing that happened today or find what works for you.

4. Get your greens with pesto:

Pesto would be my favourite way to get in those much talked about greens. It’s easy to make and delicious.  I add to my blender: a bag of spinach or whatever greens are in the fridge,  enough olive oil to get things blending,  about half a cup of whatever nuts or seeds are in the cupboard (I use raw nuts and seeds), lemon juice if I have lemons or a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (the cloudy, unfiltered version, not the processed one.), garlic and some salt  and pepper.

This recipe is completely flexible, it’s about using what you have and adjusting it to your taste, you will soon learn what you like. This pesto can be added to so many things, it tastes delicious with scrambled eggs, slathered on meat or vegetables, my daughter loves it as a sauce with gluten free pasta, on jacket potatoes as a quick and easy meal, in salads etc.

5. Visit a farmers’ market:

Nothing inspires me more to cook with fresh, locally grown produce than visiting my local farmers’ market.  I like eating  seasonal produce  and shopping at the supermarket can make that a little hard, as food is imported and available all year round.  There is also something really nice and natural about shopping for food outside in the fresh air.

6 Follow your instincts:

I spent years trying to figure out the perfect daily meal plan for myself. But what my body wants changes daily. Some days I need a large breakfast of leftovers and other days a few small mouthfalls of fruit and nuts is all I need.  Sometimes I eat a lot of hearty meat-based meals and sometimes I prefer a lighter vegetarian diet.

It’s important to tune in to what works for us as individuals; we are all at such different stages  of our health care journey.

7: If you are going to have it, please enjoy it:

Sometimes we have needs to be met, usually emotional ones and we do it with food.

Of course we would all like to eat that perfect diet of only  foods that nourish us, but sometimes we are going to choose the ‘unhealthy’ option.

When you do, please get the full-fat, good quality option and enjoy it fully.  No guilt, shame or self judgement. Remove all distractions and savour every single bite. Allow yourself the pleasure of this indulgence. You have chosen it, so own it.

Unless your guilt is bad enough to enable a permennt change then it will only keep you stuck in a negative eating pattern.  Your guilt and self-judgement are probably what keep you reaching for the next bar of chocolate or piece of cake.

I hope these seven tips  can help you on your journey to nourished eating. Share your comments and tips in the comment section below.


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Should we seek validation?

Short answer. Yes.

If I was more enlightened I would know deep within myself that everything was ok, that I was doing a good .job in life. No, an excellent job.

But I’m not there yet. Still on my path. Back to beginner yoga this week  after hurting my back from doing too much. Still struggling through meditation as my mind wanders. Pushing through self doubt and insecurity.

No matter how much we achieve in life it’s easy to fall back into old patterns of self doubt. In fact the bigger the goals we take on the greater the insecurity can be.

It’s what we do next that counts. Push on or give in to it.

Seek guidance.

Seek the validation you need.

It’s ok to ask. Am I doing ok? Am I doing the right thing? How am I going?

When you are caught up in the process it can seem impossible to judge your results. Forrest for the trees.

Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need.

Find your tribe. The people who will remind you regularly that you are doing better than you think you are.

Because I promise,  you are.

Are you comfortable asking for validation? Let us know in the comments below



A Warning For The Simplifying Movement.


There’s a huge simplifying and decluttering movement at the moment. People are even competing to see who can own the least amount of possessions.

While I advocate making your life simpler so that you can be, do and have more there are a couple of things that need clarifying.

There is a difference between simplifying your life and depleting your life. While I have too been on a simplifying mission for the past few years, my goal was never to remove everything from my life. My goal was to own only the things that enriched my life. It may actually mean that I will eventually own more than when I started.


Our lives are enriched or depleted by our surroundings. Tangible objects fill us with emotions and memories that are important to our wellbeing.

Simplifying is a process that allows you to discover your own tastes. It isn’t a process for denying these desires.

Never get rid of anything that you aren’t ready to get rid of no matter how much you have been told that it will improve your life. Emotional attachments are real, powerful and should be respected.

The photo of my office defines simplicity to me.

Space to create and function at my optimum level while being surrounded by the things that enrich, inspire and motivate me.

Create your own definition of simplicity and don’t forget to share in the comments below.

Have you tried simplifying or decluttering? What have you struggled with or found to be useful?


How To Get Stuff Done

A quick tip on getting stuff done.

On some occasions in my past when I haven’t been able to do much due to being unwell physically or mentally I have felt very disappointed in myself. I have looked at my to do list and felt like a complete failure.

On the really bad days instead of keeping a ‘to do’ list I kept a ‘have done’ list. I added everything, from brushing my teeth, to cooking dinner, putting the rubbish out etc. It helped me so much to build up my confidence by showing that we do so much more than we think we are doing. Just because I didn’t achieve the six items on my to do list didn’t mean that I was failing.

I also found it helped with procrastination because a large part of procrastination is just feeling disappointed in ourselves for not doing what we expect ourselves to be doing.

Sometimes we just need to shift our focus in order to resolve a situation.

I hope this helps. Let us know what things you struggle to get done in the comments below.